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Americana Latine

Americana Latine

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Andrew Dinan's Americana Latine: Latin Moments in the History of The United States presents over one hundred Latin texts written for the most part in or about lands that would become, or currently are, part of The United States. Preceding each Latin text is an English introduction, and each text is annotated with historical and at times linguistic detail. These texts range chronologically from Adam of Bremen’s brief notice of Vinland (11th century) to an excerpt from an address delivered at the Second Vatican Council. Numerous genres are represented, including personal and professional letters, speeches, diaries, inscriptions, treatises, as well as poetry.

Readers of Americana Latine will gain new perspectives on well-known episodes from American history, but they will also be introduced to lesser known persons and events. An important aim of this volume has been to highlight Latin texts that were composed outside of New England or the mid-Atlantic states; indeed, every region of the country is well represented. Americana Latine makes a valuable contribution to the rapidly expanding field of Neo-Latin studies, and it demonstrates the value of Latin for the study of American history.

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