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The Wisdom of Faith

The Wisdom of Faith

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St. Thomas Aquinas, always distinguishing, asserts that wisdom takes three forms: that of love, which comes from the Holy Spirit; that of faith, which emanates from revelation; and that of reason, which develops into metaphysics and measures the natural order. In The Wisdom of Faith: An Introduction to Theology, Charles Journet considers the second form of wisdom and conducts a study of sacra doctrina, the teachings of divine revelation. Following the Angelic Doctor, Journet traces the nature, purpose, and practice of the theological science from the necessary truths imparted to the human race by divine revelation.

Covering such topics as the doctrine of analogy, the fides et ratio relationship, and the distinction between “doctrinal” and “historical” theology, The Wisdom of Faith is a sweeping treatment of the many facets of the queen of the sciences, and one able to provide a “theological sense that is at once sure, vivifying, [and] lucid.”

Charles Journet (1891–1975) was a Swiss Roman Catholic theologian and cardinal. In 1926, with his close friend Jacques Maritain, Journet founded the influential theological journal Nova et Vetera. His works in English include: The Dark Knowledge of God, The Church of the Word Incarnate, and The Meaning of Evil.


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