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The Promise of Fatima

The Promise of Fatima

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​It Was 1917, and the World Was About to Change... Forever

Great nations were declaring war against other nations. Bosnian rebels were plotting the overthrow of the Serbian government.  Foreign leaders were regular targets of assassination.  Religious freedom was under attack.  The Catholic faith was being oppressed.  World order hung in the balance.  And against this hostile backdrop, three humble shepherd children were witness to a series of improbable visions that were destined to change the world.

Near the majestic fields of Cova da Iria, in a pasture owned by the dos Santos family, near the village of Fatima, Portugal, a woman who shone more brilliant than the sun, simply and dramatically appeared.  For six consecutive months, the woman, who identified herself only as "Our Lady of the Rosary" would reveal messages so poignant and urgent that this extraordinary occurrence has grown into a worldwide devotion that continues to thrive to this very day.

Now, with the perspective of one hundred years of history and controversy, historian Paul F. Caranci retells the story presenting a unique hour-by-hour, day-by-day account of the events surrounding the appearance as they unfolded.  And he describes how through it all, the message of Fatima has created enormous change in the hearts of many, a change that is needed in everyone if the peace foretold and promised by "Our Lady of the Rosary" is to be realized.

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