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The Philosophy of Science

The Philosophy of Science

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The Philosophy of Science challenges a fundamental facet of the modern outlook: that science as such can answer ultimate questions about ourselves, the universe, and God. Disdaining mere discussion or mordant criticism of purely scientific conclusions, Sheen opens science to a realm of thought commonly diminished at best and denigrated at worst: the metaphysical. First published in 1934, The Philosophy of Science is by no means an obsolete study. Articulating the hierarchy of nature and knowledge, Sheen repudiates key elements of the New Atheism movement and offers an invitation to think, to seek, and to study what is true, one, and good—reality.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895–1979) was one of the most renowned Catholic priests of the twentieth century. An eminent scholar, prolific author, and natural entertainer, Sheen provided insight into the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith for millions around the world through his scores of books and countless radio and television programs. His cause for canonization was opened in 2002, and in 2012 Pope Benedict XVI declared him “Venerable.”

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