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The Gospel of Luke: A Scott Hahn Bible Study

The Gospel of Luke: A Scott Hahn Bible Study

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Dr. Scott Hahn

Christian historians of all denominations respect St. Luke's Gospel as a meticulous historical record.  Even many scholarly non-believers have called it "the most beautiful book ever written".  In this edifying new Bible study, you'll discover why Dr. Scott Hahn refers to the Gospel of St. Luke as the "most Catholic" of the four Gosepls!

Dr. Hahn masterfully demonstrates how the Gospel of St. Luke speaks powerfully to both the scholarly mind and the human heart with the whole Truth of the Catholic faith.  He leads you to discover Luke's personality and special gifts that shine through his writing.  You will see how this Gospel is an overwhelmingly effective tool for Catholic apologetics.  Dr. Hahn relates that the other Evangelists weren't "less Catholic" than St. Luke, but that his words in particular will help empower the faithful to defend precisely the points of doctrine that recent heresies have denied, such as mary and the Holy Eucharist.

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