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The Gospel of John: A Scott Hahn Bible Study

The Gospel of John: A Scott Hahn Bible Study

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Dr. Scott Hahn

The Fourth Gospel is often called the "Catholic Gospel" because so many of the central doctrines of the Chruch are more explicit in John's Gospel than in the other three.  That's just one reason to understand this important book.  Dr. Hahn's Scripture study course on the Gospel of John looks at the most popular and widely accepted resources of contemporary Biblical scholarship, which include a detailed analysis of ancient Jewish sources and recent studies of the Greek text.

Dr. Hahn discusses the important concepts and treatments traditionally addressed in John's Gospel, such as the first born in Hebrew society, the role of St. John the Baptist, why the early Church Fathers believed the wedding feast at Cana was so significant, the meaning of the cleansing in the Temple, why Christ answered Nicodemus the way He did, and much more.  You'll also discover the important underlying meanings of "signs" in this Gospel, Jesus curing on the Sabbath, the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, Jesus's miraculous curing of the blind man, the metaphor of the Good Shepherd, Jesus washing His disciples feet, Christ's pronouncement, "It is finished", and much more.

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