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Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality

Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality

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Since the original publication of Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality in 1986, there has been a remarkable growth of interest in the thought of this early fourteenth-century Franciscan master. Allan B. Wolter's critically acclaimed book inspired much of the inquiry, and today it remains the standard source on Scotus' moral philosophy.

This new edition of the book retains the introduction and English translations of the original thirty-four selections of texts from Scotus' writings on the will and morality. In addition to a substantially expanded bibliography, the volume includes a preface written by William A. Frank.

"With admirable perseverance... the author has prepared the translation of a broad selection of Scotus passages, which in carefully ordered succession present a fairly full humanistic and Christian moral doctrine. The precise aim of the work is not completeness or a simple survey of ethics but a demonstration of the rational unity and consistency of Scotus' moral philosophy and its accessibility to human reason. For a generation of students whose command of Latin is limited this will be a valuable instrument for access both to a standard line of medieval thought and to an impressively unified Christian ethics.... A splendid book."-Manuscripta, on the first edition

Allan B. Wolter, O.F.M., is professor emeritus of philosophy at The Catholic University of America and distinguished research professor at the Franciscan Institute in St. Bonaventure, New York. He is the author of numerous works on medieval philosophy.

William A. Frank is professor of philosophy at the University of Dallas.

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