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Can a Catholic be a Socialist?

Can a Catholic be a Socialist?

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Drawing on Scripture, history, Catholic social teaching, and basic economic reality, the authors show beyond a doubt that Catholicism and socialism are utterly incompatible.

Debunk many of the common claims used to keep afloat the fantasy of a Christian-socialist hybrid, including:

  • Since the early Christians kept their property in common, so should we.
  • Jesus would be in favor an economic system that guarantees everyone food, health care, and education.
  • The Church—especially Pope Francis—teaches that Catholics must find a “third way” between the extremes of Communism and capitalism.
  • Socialism would work if it were just done right, like in Sweden.

Although there is no one “Catholic” economic system, Can a Catholic Be a Socialist? also helps you understand commonsense economic principles that are truly in line with the Faith. For we all should work for an economy that gives life: fostering prosperity and the common good while providing opportunities to practice temperance and charity.

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