Aquinas the Augustinian(Michael Dauphinais, Barry David, Matthew Levering)

Aquinas the Augustinian(Michael Dauphinais, Barry David, Matthew Levering)
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book edited by Michael Dauphinais, Barry David, and Matthew Levering of Ave Maria University. 

The influence of St. Augustine's thought upon that of St. Thomas Aquinas is well known. With the exception of particular philosophical controversies, however, relatively little research has been done in this area. In summaries of medieval theology, Aquinas is often seen as a follower of Aristotle over the traditional "Augustinians" of his day. Against this emphasis on Aristotle, the influence upon Aquinas of such thinkers as Pseudo-Dionysius has been highlighted in recent research. While happily granting the influence of such figures as Aristotle and Pseudo-Dionysius, this book explores the impact of Augustine's thought on Aquinas's theology, philosophy, and biblical exegesis. The result is an enrichment of our understanding of Aquinas's contributions and a renewed awareness of his extraordinary indebtedness to his fifth-century teacher.

The book is composed of eleven essays by an international group of renowned scholars from the United States, England, Switzerland, Holland, and Italy. The contributors are Gilles Emery, O.P., Harm Goris, Wayne Hankey, Mark Johnson, Matthew Lamb, Matthew Levering, Guy Mansini, O.S.B., Bruce D. Marshall, John O'Callaghan, John Rist, and Michael Sherwin, O.P.

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