Hydro Flask® Assorted Tag Along Bottle Sling

Product Description


On-the-go essential.

Take your Hydro Flask with you, but keep both hands free to paddle, climb, or high-five at the top of the hike. Our sling was designed to make hydration on the go easier than ever.

Large Sling fits 32 and 40 oz wide mouth bottles.

Standard Sling fits 12, 18, 21, and 24 oz standard mouth bottles.

Product Benefits

  • Welded webbing and attachment mounts for extra durability
  • Fully adjustable, stretch-woven, Sliplok shoulder strap
  • Stretch-woven and bonded side pocket with waterproof zipper for storing essentials
  • Standard size fits 12, 81, 21, and 24 oz standard mouth bottles
  • Large size fits 32 and 40 oz wide mouth bottles
  • Five-year warranty
Golden Rod
$ 39.95

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