Anselm of Canterbury: Major Works

Anselm of Canterbury: Major Works
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book by St. Anselm of Canterbury, published in the Oxford World's Classics series. 


Although utterly convinced of the truth of Christianity, Anselm of Canterbury struggled to make sense of his religion. He considered the doctrines of faith an invitation to question, to think, and to learn; and he devoted his life to confronting and understanding the most elusive aspects of Christianity. His writings on matters such as free will, the nature of truth, and the existence of God make Anselm one of the greatest theologians and philosophers in history, and this translation provides readers with their first opportunity to read his most important works within a single volume.

Includes the classic soteriological work Cur Deus Homo, Anselm's explanation of the reason for the incarnation and death of the Son of God. 

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